Announcement: Infographics Coming to Naijanomics

When I launched the new version of the site, I mentioned a new feature in the pipeline. Well…turns out I was wrong. We’ve got two in the pipeline! So here’s the first – Naijanomics now has a new menu called ‘Infographics’. Yes, Infographics are coming to the site starting today and we have the folks at Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) to thank for that.

In recent years, these folks have been on their A-Game. A lot of detailed and quite accurate reports have come from them. Naijanomics Infographics is now one of the numerous ways to depict their reports in a….well…more interesting way.

And no…this isn’t a Budgit substitute. Not even close. Budgit is Messi, Naijanomics Infographics is Neymar (self-wash). Hence, it will mainly focus on the reports from the NBS. I’ll keep it as simple as possible without sacrificing the core components of the  reports. I hope you enjoy the latest addition to the site. Cheers.

  • Adesokun Kolawole

    Job well done Chuba… I don’t know how to thank you for the impressive work you have been doing. Keep it up

    • Your words are more than enough. Cheers. 🙂