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Random Questions

Here are random questions I ask. Too busy to research them though. Feel free to take a crack at any.

The Cobra Effect & Cars
Has the Lagos State Govt’s fast track policy led to an increase in the number of cars purchased? Is there or could there be a possible cobra effect as a result of increased cars? Does the improvement of public transportation mitigate this effect?

Traditional Names & Grades
Does your name have an effect on the grade one receives based on the ethnic location of one’s college?

Petroleum & Ideas

Do nations with more petroleum have less ideas? Can a correlation be found between oil and the number of patents issued by a country.

Patriotism & Growth

Can we find a correlation between the outcome of a national football game and crime rate/economic growth within a time scale?

Greetings & Occupations

Can our methods of ethnic greeting explain occupational preferences across ethnic groups?

Childhood Floggings & Propensity to Break Laws

Does any correlation exist between getting flogged as a kid and breaking the law?

Probability Theory & Finding Change

Can the Law of Large Numbers explain what the presence of more people does to one’s chance of collecting one’s change?

Maximization Equations & Getting Early to Work

In a multiple stops route to work, does the timings of each bus arrival matter more than the initial set-out time of the individual?

Cost benefit of Having a Conductor

What exactly is a ‘danfo’ bus’ driver marginal benefit of having a conductor?

Church and Land Prices

What is the effect of church proliferation on real estate prices?

  • Oh. You should tell ‘we’ that we could use a little sunshine in here then. I know Nigeria has her problems but you don’t have to kill all the light in here now, do you?

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog though, would have been better if I had back in school. Still, no loss. Tell ‘we’ they are doing a great job here 🙂

    • Haha. The pessimistic slant is something ‘We’ address in several earlier posts. And we’re glad you stumbled upon ours cause we’ve also stumbled upon yours. 🙂

      • One more thing, how often do ‘we’ update? I’d like to know when to expect your stuff on my Reader.

        • Used to be once a week, however, I changed jobs, so its been a bit more difficult. You might have to either subscribe through email or find me on twitter @chubaezeks. Are you on twitter?

  • Wonderful…ure doin a grat job

  • Grace

    I would like to tackle some of these research ideas but I am not sure how to go about it. My knowledge of economics is little to none.